Ike - Nando Son

Ike Vom Eikelberg – Nando’s Son

“Carla, I received a pup from you almost 4 years ago.  He is the most wonderful loving dog I could ask for.  I recommend your dogs to anyone looking for a quality pup.

Thank you for having such wonderful dogs! “    Marilyn – vet tech Mi


Radar Vom Eikelberg

Hello Carla,

I am not sure if you will remember me. You sold me a beautiful black & red male German Shepherd Puppy in 2007. I named him Radar and he has been my best friend ever since I brought him home. Radar is an amazing dog! This email is long overdue. His achievements are too many to list. Radar did go on to be a Search & Rescue K9 and passed the National Tactical Police Dog certifications in Man-Trailing and Evidence Recovery in 2009. He is almost 11 now and is retired but he did save lives and make a difference in the community. He may still visit schools and do educational programs for a group called New Hope Search & Rescue if his health allows it.

Radar also went with me when I took the certification tests to become a Karen Pryor Certified Training Partner in 2010. The evaluator, Julie Shaw, from Purdue’s College of Veterinary Medicine said Radar was the most awesome dog she ever met. We scored 100% on the behavior and training test. I have learned so much by having Radar as a companion. I can’t imagine life without him. I hope you don’t mind if I send people who are looking for a puppy to you. If they get a dog that is even 1/2 as good as Radar, they will be lucky!


Lara Mahr, MA, KPACTP, AKC CGC Evaluator, Animal Behavior Professional


Shotsy at 4 months

Letter of Recommendation from Bob and Georgene Kennedy


We found our highly qualified breeder via the inter net. Perhaps this letter will help
in your search for an excellent breeder. We highly recommend the following breeder
and feel certain you will find, as we did, Carla Eikelberg breeds the finest German
shepherds in the Midwest.

Prior to the birth of the litter we visited the Eikelberg Kennel and were introduced
to the sire and dam of the litter from which we would eventually make our puppy
selection. This visit proved beneficial, not only did we meet a qualified breeder,
Carla Eikelberg, but were introduced to her other dogs that were well behaved,
socialized and people friendly. The dam and the sire that we met had all the
characteristics that we felt were important for breeding a wonderful family
companion. Additionally the kennels were clean and very well maintained
–definitely good living conditions for her dogs and clearly not a “puppy mill”.
The quality of the breeder is as equally important as the quality of the dogs. We
were impressed with Carla’s credentials, a registered nurse and a veterinary
technician graduate from Purdue University. These excellent credentials as well as
her many years of breeding experience with German Shepherds made her our top
breeder of choice. Our Veterinarian was very impressed with the organization and
completeness of our puppy’s medical records including all medications the pup
received before leaving the breeder. When we brought our puppy home, we did as
Carla recommended and took her to our veterinarian within a few days. The Vet
told us we had an excellent quality, healthy puppy. The Veterinarian said “she was
an outstandingly well bred, beautiful, puppy”.

We currently have our puppy, Shotsy, enrolled in a puppy day care program at
Seneca Kennels owned and managed by a highly qualified trainer and breeder of
Great Swiss Mountain Dogs. Shotsy has been attending classes there for several
weeks and she has received A+ grades from her trainer who is very impressed with
Shotsy’s intelligence and her ability to quickly learn and retain what she has
learned. She also gets high marks in socialization and has been exposed to as many
as 25 different adult dogs. Our trainer has told us many times that she is a very
valuable dog and has excellent breeding. The trainer has also told us that she is
developing into a wonderful adult German Shepherd and will make a great

We are Proud owners of a wonderful young, five month old, German Shepherd,
Bob & Georgene Kennedy
Lafayette, Indiana


Dakota and Friend

Hello Carla Eikelberg,

We are writing this letter to express our happiness with our new puppy Dakota which you blessed us with. . He is very loving. Every morning he greets us with tail wagging and loving puppy eyes.  He is going on 5 months and is telling us when he needs to go outside for bathroom. He is growing up to be a breath taking physical example of a German shepherd_ He is currently weighing in around 45 pounds. However, if he grows to match his massive paws and legs we may have a physical champion on our hands. His intelligence shows in his ability to listen to commands of come, sit, down, and other commands. He loves riding in the truck and going for walks in the woods. He is all we ever expected or wanted in a German Shepard.  He also plays with Ella our older German Shepard. They will lick each other, play together, and lay together.  Dakota is a wonderful addition to our family. Dakota is very well balanced and aims to please us and get his hugs, hugs, hugs. We truly have a bundle of love.

Best Regards,

Kerry and Monica Poole


We had a great experience with Carla. She was extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. We live over four hours away and drove up twice during the process. Carla made it worth our time. She showed us around the kennel and exercise areas, introduced us to the dogs, and answered all of our questions. She provided us the background of her dogs along with the meticulous breeding process and demonstrated their intelligence and friendly demeanors. It is obvious that she is passionate about her business, and most importantly, she is passionate about the dogs. She guided us through the process of choosing the puppy that was the perfect fit for us and our family, and was always easy to reach. We would highly recommend her and her dogs.

Thanks for the wonderful experience

-Tyler & Ellen